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The Credit Giant, Express funding within days.
Personal loans to support the moments that matter most.
No sign-up fees– No prepayment fees—Get Prequalified within hours.
Get funded within days.

What’s your credit score?

(350-629) You pray lenders will do business with you

(630-689) You beg lenders for favorable terms

(690-719) You negotiate the interest rates with lenders

(720-850) You demand the lowest rates known to man, now the lender is begging you.

Can you clearly see the difference?

The Credit Giant, requirements:

  • Credit score of 680 and above
  • Citizenship or permanent residency of the United States
  • A checking account in your name
  • You must be over 18 years old
  • Valid driver’s license
  • One year of employment
  • Type of loan needed.

  • We’re offering fixed-rate personal loans
  • Dental make over—Weddings–Moving
  • Cosigner loan–Career Development loan
  • Start New Business–Debt consolidation loan
  • Long term loan–Short term loan
  • Home improvement loan
  • Credit Card Refinancing
  • Credit Cards with high limits
  • You tell us what you need
  • Loan Terms​

  • As a loan broker, The Credit Giant doesn’t extend specific loan terms. The lowest APR for personal loans is 4.99%, but it can go up to 35.99%. Loan amounts stretch from $1,000 to $100,000, making it a very flexible site for borrowers who aren’t yet sure what they need. Credit Scores: Fair/Good/ExcellentConsumers should remember that terms can fluctuate even after you receive a pre-qualification offer. No loan terms are guaranteed until the lender has performed a hard credit check and confirmed that your application is accepted, so if you get a good loan offer you should act to secure it quickly.
  • Repayment Terms

  • Again, repayment terms vary from lender to lender. The maximum repayment term via The Credit Giant is 84 months, with some terms as less as 24 months. This is a relatively short repayment term, which could be a problem for borrowers who want to spread their payments out further so as to pay less each month.
  • Privacy & Security

  • The Credit Giant has a reputation for being trustworthy with your personal details, but we don’t bear any responsibility for the loan companies that might make you an offer. It’s up to the borrower to check out the prospective lending company thoroughly to make sure that they feel comfortable with their policies and approach.
  • Overview

  • The Credit Giant is an online loans broker that provides fast and free initial responses, ideal for anyone who needs a loan and doesn’t know where to start. It speeds up the process of hunting for a suitable personal loan by sending your application to multiple providers at the same time and running a soft credit check (which doesn’t affect your credit rating). The Credit Giant seek up to 4 preliminary loan offers so that you can easily compare your options and then contact the lender directly to complete the loan process.